About Us

Olga’s European Skin & Body Clinic was founded on the concept that everyone deserves healthy and beautiful skin.


Olga’s European Skin & Body Clinic 

With the myriad of products everyone is constantly bombarded with on television, in magazines, and on the Internet, there is substantial marketing fog that prevents individuals from making informative decisions when it comes to proper skin hygiene and care.

Lots of our clients seek us out for help because most of these skin care products are expensive and don’t necessarily mean success for their specific skin type.

What’s worse, is certain skin care products can have nasty side effects!

We’re not claiming that all products out there are ineffective, we simply advocate professional guidance in selecting which products will be effective for your skin type and in helping you avoid overpaying for products that can be substituted with more cost-effective treatments and methods.

Olga’s European Skin & Body Clinic has been around for almost two decades and is here to provide you with guidance, expertise, and access to effective treatments in the skin care field.

Originally, Olga graduated with a Master’s degree in Engineering, focusing on Automation of Chemical and Technological Processes.

Olga graduated from a rigorous skin and nail care program at A B C Nail & Skin College, in Bellevue, Washington and has attended numerous courses spanning skin care, holistic medicine, nutrition, and massage therapy in the U.S.

From her wealth of experience in beauty services, products available on the market, and sheer dedication and love for her craft, she is able to provide her clients with expert advice and services to improve their skin health and recommend the appropriate products for their skin types.


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We invite you to come visit us and enjoy Olga’s European Skin & Body Clinic that has been the favorite full service beauty spa for over a decade in the greater Seattle area. Make a consultation appointment with Olga, enjoy a relaxing tea and music, and explore our cozy little clinic and the options you have available to make yourself more beautiful!